SEPTA Grants

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SEPTA Grant Information

We strongly encourage teachers and support staff to take advantage of this opportunity. Click here for a Grant Application 2017 new FORM (deadline is January 31, 2017)


To date, GC SEPTA has given out over $75,000 in grant money districtwide. Our grant program allowed us to provide equipment and supplies to support existing programs and to support the implementation of many new programs districtwide. Document cameras, iPads, digital cameras, and a Nearpod are some of the valuable equipment purchases that will encourage, stimulate, and enhance creative instruction districtwide. Our grant money will also go towards funding the soon to be implemented,  grassroots, student centered recycling program called “The Green Team”. GC SEPTA provides programs that not only support special education students but ALL the students in our district. Click here for last year’s recipient list. GC SEPTA 8.5×11 B&W-1