Volunteer for SEPTA

Any time or talent you can donate would be appreciated!  A little can go a long way towards helping our kids!



The role of the SEPTA school representative is to communicate the initiatives of SEPTA to the school community. The SEPTA representative provides a resource for parents, teachers and administrators to communicate their concerns and ideas to SEPTA. It is the role of the SEPTA representative to foster dialogue and promote positive relationships among parents, teachers and administrators. In your role as a SEPTA representative, it is imperative that the opinions that you offer to parents accurately reflect those of SEPTA which may not necessary be your own.



Our Site Base reps meet approximately 4 times per year with the Site Based Planning Committee and work with the school PTA Directors to address parents’ issues and concerns. The purpose of this committee is to improve the educational performance of all students, regardless of such factors as socioeconomic status, race, gender, language, background or disability.



Our Curriculum reps attend monthly meetings as well as periodic meetings with the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum.


Other available volunteering opportunities:

Interview Committee

Want more of a say in who gets hired by the district?  Well, here is your chance!  Garden City has an interview committee made up of Administration, Principals, Staff and parent representatives from each of PTA and SEPTA for positions within the district.  SEPTA always wants a rep at that table.  If you would like to sit in on one of these interview days, please email president@gcsepta.org for more details! It’s a terrific experience and a way to get your voice heard by your school’s administration!


Communications Committee

  1. Article submissions always encouraged!
  2. Content Organizer – Help keep track of district calendar, meetings within Garden City, happenings of outside organizations, and any other content that you feel would benefit our members and feel that it should be included in our newsletter.


One & Done! 
(If you can’t commit to anything long term, consider these…)

  1. We are always in need of a few extra volunteers for one time events such as, Back to School night, The Senior Afternoon Tea, Run for a Cure, etc.
  2. We could always use an extra set of hands when setting up prior to a General Membership meeting (example, Picking up bagels, setting up the coffee, etc.)

If any of the above positions interest you, please let us know. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to get involved! Contact Membership@gcsepta.org for more information.